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Making the Music

Independent music artist need representation and business focused individuals to help them manage their assets. Specifically, they need help building, maintaining, and developing the brands. They need a team of people to help communicate their vision to the world. The midwest is lacking such an organization. Artist in the midwest region of America either have to spend hundreds on plane tickets and spend hours in small vehicles traveling across town. We need to bring a hub for the major label distributors here in the midwest. There is no one with a huge presence at the current moment. That is where Ingen Enterprise comes into the picture. 

InGen Enterprise offers major label services at the indie label level. We build connection and relationships with music distributors (spotify and apple music) and music aggregators through our membership with A2IM (American Association of Independent Musicians). We distribute music through an agreement we have with "The Orchard". We will work to secure funding to aid in Marketing and PR initiatives through groups such as AMW Group. We are going to provide accounting and royalties management for the artist making sure producers and engineers get paid as well. 

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